Right to left: Lech, Marcel, Erick, Esther, Jack, and Lafortune





Clearly, these children also need food and medical attention, and you cannot eat a saxophone – but a saxophone can help us in less visible ways.

Music helps us deal with the dissonance in our lives. The simple act of blowing through a saxophone creates a safe space to reflect upon and express oneself and this in turn strengthens our sense of self-reliance and feeling of belonging.

The kids at the Cite Soleil School of Music create a community of support for each other and this inspires and motivates them in the present and impacts the cultural life of Haiti in the long run. Please take a moment to watch the 30min documentary about the school.




the children with repport cards

Besides the Cite Soleil School of Music, Marcel Jean also runs a primary school, an orphanage, annual medical checkups and food drives for children living in the poorest areas of Haiti. To learn more about Haiti Scholarship Association and all the hard work Marcel and his colleagues are doing, please visit their website: www.haitischolarship.org







Gerthy Lahens and architect Jan Wampler are embarking on a massive project to building a self-sustainable multi-million dollar settlement out of bamboo in Cite Soleil and have chosen Marcel Jean and Haiti Scholarship Association to work with on the ground.

Bamboo can be used for many things such as construction, fuel, food, etc. The settlement will include shelter, educational facilities, healthcare facilities, solar panels, a sewage system, and re-forestation projects. The building of the settlement will also produce jobs, training, and sovereignty.



To learn more about Haiti Renaissance Project and the self-sustainable settlements Gerthy Lahens and Jan Wampler are building with Haitian communities, please visit their website: www.haitirenaissance.org & www.hopeforhaiti.mit.edu





“Give kids your instruments because they’ll play them” is our motto. As a young budding 501c3 nonprofit based in Brooklyn, NY, our goal is to get music instruments to kids who can’t afford them. We are also involved in setting up songwriting and ensemble workshops, recording sessions, and creative environments for children in underserved communities to learn and explore the power of music and art. To learn more about our efforts, or to donate a music instrument to our cause, please visit us at: www.givekidsyourinstruments.org





Finally, we have Linda who makes sculptural sweets in Boston to help raise funds for the children of Cite Soleil. You can visit her site here: www.charitableconfections.org